Gale Virtual Reference Library

Reference eBooks on topics such as drama, epics, folktales, novels, comic books, and poetry are available in the English Language and Literature eBook collections. The Gale Virtual Reference Library contains multidisciplinary reference publications, including subject encyclopedias, almanacs, and other topical sources including primary sources.

Granger's World of Poetry

Provides access to full-text poems, citations, commentaries, biographies, and a poetry glossary. Includes selections of current and foreign language poems.

Literary Reference Center Plus

A full-text resource for the world’s most studied authors and their works.

Literature Criticism Online

Includes two reference works: Contemporary Literary Criticism provides critiques of key literary works as well as author biographies. Drama Criticism contains biographical information about playwrights and critical opinions of plays.

NoveList K-8 Plus

A resource for those seeking new children's fiction and non-fiction titles, including lists of award winners and discussion guides for book clubs.

Rosetta Stone*

Immersion language learning for 30 languages including English as a Second Language (ESL)! Online courses are available in different proficiency levels and structured around core lessons that help build reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Lessons focus on refining grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills using interactive voice comparison, illustrative images, quizzes, and challenges. Lessons progress from basic to complex.


Oxford English Dictionary

Provides contemporary and historical meanings and pronunciation of words, using quotations to illustrate usage. Look up words and learn about the evolution of the English language over the last millennium.