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Instant access to the latest computer and Information Technology reference eBooks. When you get to the database use the "Browse Topics" pull-down menu on the right to navigate to all offered content.


This life sciences journal contains up-to-the-minute research and reviews spanning a wide range of biomedical disciplines. Read current issues and search archives going back to 1995.

CK-12 (California Free Digital Textbooks Initiative)

CK-12 offers free online learning tools including digital textbooks, short videos, and practice questions for students K-12 in math, science, and English.


Search articles, essays, and primary source documents on a variety of school subjects and related topics.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Reference eBooks covering topics such as general science, chemistry, earth and marine science. The Gale Virtual Reference Library contains multidisciplinary reference publications, including subject encyclopedias, almanacs, and other topical sources including primary sources.

Nature, the Weekly Science Journal Online (2012 - current issue)

Nature, first published in 1869, is a weekly international journal publishing peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology. Provides interdisciplinary articles and news of upcoming trends.

Princeton Companion to Mathematics

Introduces basic mathematical tools and vocabulary, traces the development of modern mathematics, explains essential terms and concepts, examines core ideas in major areas of mathematics, describes the achievements of scores of famous mathematicians, and explores the impact of mathematics on other disciplines such as biology, finance, and music.

Safari Tech Books Online

Instant access to full-color reference ebooks geared toward the Information Technology sector.

Science Online

An online reference resource covering a broad range of scientific and mathematical disciplines. Provides definitions, essays, diagrams, biographies, and experiments.

Scientific American (2012 - current issue)

Online version of the Scientific American magazine. Updated monthly the magazine features articles by scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, and top journalists in all fields of science and technology.

Staywell Knowledgebase

A comprehensive consumer health information portal containing content by leading health information providers. Contains articles on common diseases and conditions, surgeries and procedures, drugs and supplements, nutrition, fitness, parenting, safety, and workplace issues.

Universal Class*

Unlimited access to over 500 free, non-credit online courses. Enroll in up to 5 courses at a time. You have up to 6 months to finish each course. Each course has an instructor whom you may communicate with using email.